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In the unlikely event that you are audited or receive a notice from the Internal Revenue Service, Franchise Tax Board or any other tax authority, Ragi Riad, CPA will serve as your tax professional advocate, working diligently and tirelessly on your behalf to correspond with the taxing authorities and amend your tax returns, if needed. I will make sure that you don't overpay your taxes while seeking to abate certain types of penalties. My exposure to such tasks of dealing with taxing authorities has given me the knowledge and expertise to successfully appeal in my clients' favor resulting in restoring their peace of mind while helping them keep more of their money.

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U.S. tax codes and laws are always changing and non compliance with the Internal Revenue Service and/or State taxing authorities could involve steep penalties and unnecessary audits and notices. On the other hand, since you are involved in the day-to-day responsibilities of running your business and/or taking care of your personal affairs, you will not have time to keep up with all the available deductions and credits. So, you could be throwing hundreds or even thousands of tax dollars that would have been yours to claim and keep. Ragi Riad, CPA has the experience, training and expertise to help you plan well for your taxes through year-around tax advice and consultation. Let me come alongside you to help you navigate through the maze of tax laws and help you pay the least amount of taxes through adequate planning and thorough review of your tax returns. Tax preparation is much more than crunching numbers or filing forms, it is creative art and a great tool to train individuals and business owners to make better personal and business financial decisions so they can become good stewards with their resources. In order to ensure the most favorable tax outcome to all my clients, my firm uses the top of the line tax software that will identify additional tax savings opportunities and/or potential problems or issues that could raise the IRS red flags.

I strongly believe in this saying: "If you think hiring a professional is expensive, wait until you hire an amateur".

Tax Return Analysis and Amendment For Prior Years

Accounting is the language of business and good recordkeeping is the backbone of each successful venture. Financial Statements are essential to measure the cash flow and level of your company's overall profitability. My firm can generate projected financial statements as well as interim financial statements, allowing you to focus on the management and growth of your business. I strongly believe in coaching and educating you as a client so you can understand every section of your company's financial statements and become more efficient and skilled when recording your transactions in the accounting software.

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Do you know that overlooking legitimate tax deductions or credits or misclassifying a certain item could cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars of money erroneously given away to the IRS or other taxing authorities?    On the other hand, you could be throwing away money by not filing your prior year taxes even if you earned insignificant amount of income.

On March 10, 2016, The IRS has announced on its website  that it has refunds totaling $950 million for people who have not filed a 2012 federal income tax return. In this article, it was stated "we especially encourage students and others who didn't earn much more money to look into this situation because they may still be entitled to a refund. Do not forget, there is no penalty for filing a late return if you are due a refund." However, unfortunately, you can go back 3 years to file a late return or to file an amendment to make changes to the originally filed tax returns.

I am here to help you access your situation and provide you with my unbiased professional advise  on the best course of action that would lead to the most favorable tax outcome.

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