Nanobiologics Reseach Corp

Ramez Morris, Owner and President of Desired Homes

Yassa Insurance Agency

Kevin Bowlin, President of Nanobiologics Research Corporation

BP Ampm Business Unit

Carol and Roy Haskin - Partners at Main Street Murrieta LLC

Ragi did a great job helping me to navigate through some tax challenges. He is very professional, thorough, efficient,  and timely. He is someone I would recommend doing business with. Thanks!

What our satisfied clients say about us

I have used Ragi Riad for my business and personal accounting tax needs for the last 5 years. Everytime I need him, he is always available to answer my questions. He is trustworthy, very professional and knowledgeable in his field with reasonable rates. He works hard to resolve the various tax issues facing a small business owner. I would highly recommend him!

I contracted for Ragi's services approximately 6 months ago and have never experienced better or more thorough customer service in my 45 years of self employment. His ability to communicate complex subject matters in a very simple, straight forward manner has been extremely helpful, and his accessibility at all hours is astonishing. Mr Riad's service is undoubtedly a 5 star rating  

Jeffrey Forteza - Sourcing, Supply Chain and Contracts Manager at BP Ampm Business Unit

Brandon Ortiz, Accounting Manager at Etiwanda Logistics

Evandro , Owner of Etiwanda Logistics

Desired Homes

It was a pleasure working with Ragi. He is extremely responsive and proactive in his approach and helped to make sure that nothing fell behind. He was a great help and has been nothing but professional. Highly recommended!

Ragi was very responsive and worked on a very fast pace, during the weekend, to make deadline filings for corporate taxes when other accountants would not take the job on a such short notice. I am glad I found him and happy we met. 

Esam Boktor, Founder and Owner of True Insurance Agency

​Ragi Riad, CPA

Chic Party Rentals

Mark Yassa - Founder and Owner of Yassa Insurance Agency

Ragi Riad has been my CPA for 2 years for my business and personal taxes. I view him as my tax consultant and adviser. There are many CPAs who promote their businesses. However, Ragi Riad stands out as an honest, trustworthy and dedicated tax expert who goes the extra mile and takes his time explaining my taxes. I have a complete peace of mind knowing that my taxes are being handled by a competent CPA.  I wish I switched my tax accounts with Ragi Riad sooner. I highly recommend him!

True Insurance Agency

Ragi Riad, CPA's services are professional, efficient and fast. He takes the heavy burden off taxes and makes it doable! He is a wonderful CPA with extensive knowledge of the tax law. He is thoroughly involved and interested in the best possible outcome for his clients. It has been a pleasure working with him for the last 10 years. Our business has greatly benefited from his expertise.

Main Street Murrieta LLC

Etiwanda Logistics

Our first experience with Ragi was when we needed 14 years of tax returns completed over a weekend. He had them finished by Sunday evening! Best of all, he did not charge an arm and a leg. Unbelievable! Since then, we have used him for our business and personal returns as well as we have been referring him to business partners.

Nikki Chin, Owner and President of Chic Party Rentals

As a new business owner, I was looking for someone who could not just complete my taxes, but would also listen to my needs, answer my questions and be patient with me. Ragi checked all these boxes and much more. During tax season, he personalized the experience for me by taking the time to ask questions in order to better understand my business. He was proactive and professional throughout the entire process. If you are looking for a CPA who not just provides value and offers assistance but will come alongside you to serve as your coach, mentor and adviser, you need to definitely contact Ragi. 

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